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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I resolve to....

Some times I have to write things down to actually get them done. So my new project when I get home from Nashville is to completely gut my office, paint it and decorate it and make it a happy place. Right now it's a mess and even when it's clean and tidy it's UGLY! No wonder I can't feel the creative spirit any more. Wow, I feel better already. I'm looking for ideas on storage. Please send me links as I need lots of shelves!
I want to share this picture with you. I think I've told you all that I have two bunnies. Norman lives in the garage at the moment until his new hutch if completed as he and his brother Howard fought. Well, now that Noman is so accessible I feel bad that he's in the garage in a little cage all by himself so I let him in every once in a while. He loves it. He chases the cats and cuddles up to Maggie and knows where his food bag is kept. Do you think he is spoiled????

Monday, January 15, 2007

I'm not a cheater!

Courtney, Elisabeth and I ran in a 5K race on Saturday and I accidentally tried to finish the race too early. The course was two laps around a track but so many people (actually teenage boys) were running through the finish line that I thought maybe I misunderstood and it was time to stop. So I tried. Once they pushed me on my way to the second lap, someone yelled "Cheater!". I'm sure they were laughing. Well, I hope they were. One guy did yell "Good Try!". I thought so too! Anyway, wanted to publically announce that I am not a cheater. And that 3 point whatever miles (5K) is very, very long for a 46 year old woman!!!

I got talked into planning my family reunion this year. Ugh. I swore I would never do it again. How do things like this happen? Anyway, we are going to stay at this really nice place in West Virginia called The Woods . You can see the resort at www.TheWoodsResort.com I'm looking for a few activities that we can do so if anyone has any suggestions, please email me.

I'm making these cool journals for Nashville and am having the best time. I'm going to Paper Source in Georgetown this Friday to pick up more supplies. At this point it is fun but a week before the market it will cease to be fun anymore. I have printed out so many charts. And am still graphing charts. So much to do! Wish everyone could come to the market. It is a blast.
One last day of warm weather in Virginia. It's to be 67! today but then the winter should arrive tomorrow. Finally. The plants just don't know what to do. Cherry trees have been blooming, my rose bushes are covered in new leaves and bulbs are popping up. I saw forsythia in bloom yesterday. Hope our area apple crop doesn't get ruined. California orange growers are having a very hard time right now.
Have a great week and stay warm!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Awesome Photo

I am not a great photographer. But every once in a while I get lucky. Two years ago, the girls and I flew down to FL to visit my parents and I thought it was so beautiful to see them walking together in step. As I try to improve what I see and how I crop the pictures I take, I am so excited when something amazing works out without even trying!

Working, working, working away at new releases for Nashville!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Crunch time is here! Nashville is just a few weeks away and I have so much to do! I will be panicked in no time. But my family is used to this and have come to expect it!
I was very lucky to be a part of Kathy Barrick Dieter's surprise birthday party last weekend. It was a great time and Kathy looked gorgeous! Above is a picture of Kathy, Liz, Trudy (Mom)and other family members. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of Kathy with the crown that I made for her...it was fabulous and she looked fabulous in it! I'm sure she is happy that I don't have that picture!
As market time gets closer, I will post pictures of what designs I will be releasing. Keep checking back!
One more thing, thanks so much to all of you that kept checking with me about my dad. He had surgery the week of Christmas and all went well. He will need one more appointment with an oncologist before heading out for Florida where he and my Mom will be until spring. He just turned 82!