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Saturday, November 26, 2005


Another Thanksgiving day past and what a wonderful day it was. The expected snow over the mountains in western Maryland never developed so family was able to arrive safely. Although I bought a smaller turkey this year, we still have too much left. Our waistlines are a little larger but we are so very thankful for the many blessings that we have been showered with! The best Thanksgiving treat this year was the WVU victory over Pitt! Go 'Eers!!!!!!
Now that I have a lull between holidays, I am getting serious with designs for Nashville. Had a little brainstorm this morning so hopefully can translate the idea into a good sampler.
Hope the remainder of the holiday weekend is full of fun and your search for the perfect Christmas presents are easier than ever!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Many Thanks

Our family has the best news. My little cousin Jonathan (you can find the link to his site on my front page) has been pronounced CLEAR OF ALL CANCER!!!! All the many many prayers have been answered. We are so thankful of this amazing news. And happy not only for Jonathan but for Mom and Dad (Kathy and Pete) and little sister Alyssa. It has been a rough few years for the DaDalt family and I know they are so happy to be getting back to normal things.
The other good news that I have is that my good buddies Jackie and Bill are in fine health. Both had a scare last month but after a surgery for Bill and biopsy for Jackie, they too have been given great news!
Things here are wonderful as usual. I've been a beast lately as I have been reproducing a sampler for a class that will be held this Saturday morning. This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done! I love the sampler and am thrilled to be able to share it. But I have agonized over every stitch. My family will be happy when this weekend is over!
Ihave started working on the retreat to be held in April. The name of the weekend is Bee Kind, Bee True. Thanks Kathy, Cathy and Carol for your help! I'm getting classes lined up, projects started and reservations made. It's going to be a great weekend.
Again, thanks to all of you that have shared your thoughts and prayers on behalf of Jonathan. It means so much!