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Thursday, March 29, 2007

What is Bliss?

Bliss is two great danes running through a field at top speed, stopping ocassionally to make sure the owners are still there and finishing up the run with a dip in a dirty pond. Courtney and I took Chloe and Violet for a long walk today and they were so happy. And dirty. And came home sleepy! Oh how I wish Maggie was still up to the long walks. Her hips are just too weak to do it any longer. But in her younger days....she would have been swimming in the pond until I forced her out!

I have learned to knit! I have to tell you that I turned up my nose at knitting for the longest time and now I can't stop! It's so addicting. And for you wonderful customers who have been patiently waiting for your orders of journals and mermaids, I'm finishing up the orders today. I have had to hide the yarn so I can get some real work done.

I have so many ideas for new designs floating around my head. But nothing has made it into the design program on the computer. I'm going to do better...I'm going to do better. Really what I wish is that you all could come over, sit in my family room with me and knit all day!

Happy, happy weekend!


Anonymous joann in Texas said...

your dogs are gorgeous! yes, i'm a dog person

10:00 PM  

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