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Friday, April 29, 2005

A Strawberry Weekend Report

Wow! I am still exhausted from the retreat that was held last weekend in Strasburg. I think it was possibly the most fun weekend I have ever had! My face is still sore from laughing so much.
The weekend started on Friday night with fun games orchestrated by Kathy Barrick. Kathy, retire the whistle! Please! We played stitchers olympics complete with gold, silver and bronze medals. And we hummed the olympic song. That was worth the cost of the class! Just kidding.
Saturday morning started with a delicious buffet breakfast and then we got right to business. Cathy Campbell taught us how to paint our box using the primitive techniques that make her frames look so fantastic. No two boxes were alike but everyone's looked amazing!
Saturday afternoon and evening we worked on making our awesome strawberry make-dos. Again, everyone started with the same materials and each had a very unique piece when they were done. Later in the evening, some of the guests worked on finishing their pre-stitching so they could finish their box on Sunday. I think Valerie did a happy dance when her stitching was done but unfortunately I missed it. Bridget is still working on her stitching I think. She promises to bring her finished box next year!
After another yummy buffet breakfast Sunday morning, we gathered to work on the inside of our boxes. Lisa Duffin taught the class and by the time each person left on Sunday afternoon, they had a completely finished box. Well, except for Bridget. They were so beautiful! Lisa made the finishing so easy! Who knew that we all could do it?!
I can't possibly explain what a wonderful weekend was had by me and others. It was almost overwhelming. Everyone was so friendly and happy and we laughed and kidded each other and ate and ate and ate! We had some hilarious stories from our new friend Paulette who came all the way from Omaha. Pat, the resident linen expert helped me chose some linen colors for upcoming projects. Even though she got to the DC area quite early in the morning on Friday after flying from Washington state, she managed to be quite pleasant Friday evening. But she sure did sleep great on Friday night! Sue from Connecticut wowed us with her And They Sinned on silk guaze. It was so beautiful! She is also working on Kathy's alphabet series. We also had Ginny, Carol and Cheryl from Virginia, Judy, Wendy, and Annette from Maryland, Lisa, Robin, Valerie and Margaret from Pennsylvania and Eileen and Karen from West Virginia. What a fantastic group!
The plans are on for next year's event. The theme is Bees and Skeps. I'm thinking that the last weekend of April might be the best time...April 28-30th, 2006. But I will keep you all updated on the dates and cost.
Now that the retreat is over I have to get busy designing again! I'm way behind and while I have one thing almost ready, many more things are only in the beginning stages. So it's time to close the office door, turn the answering machine and work, work,work!
Have a fun spring out in your gardens. Hope all the snow is melted!