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Sunday, October 16, 2005

I've been busy working on new designs for Nashville. I finished a design today for a small sampler called Sara Fleming. I also have a reproduction sampler in the works named Martha Brown. And more ideas floating around...
I am going to be in Leesburg next month teaching a reproduction sampler class for the Loudon Sampler Guild. The sampler comes from my son-in-law's family via Hagerstown Maryland. It's a beauty!
I will also be teaching a class in Bridgeport WV January 2006. I'm designing a small sampler for the group. If anyone needs info on either class, email me at riffletracy@aol.com.
The other big project that will be started soon is work on my kitchen. I had hoped to be on a farm by now....but have come to accept that I won't be moving any time soon. So I'm going to start putting my touches on this house. First thing will be to cover the plaster ceiling with wood, paint the oak cabinets and replace the vinyl floor with wood which I will paint and finish myself. I am also going to finally!!! replace the awful flourescent light with a repro hanging light. Can't wait to get started!
Chuck surprised me last week with a huge load of wood for our fireplace. I love to sit in the family room and stitch by the fire. I can't wait to start using the fireplace again. We are also going to keep the house cooler this winter to save on heating costs. Our last house was built in the early 20's with the original windows and gas heat. Glad we aren't paying that bill anymore!
Off to stitch and get ready for Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. My two favorite shows! Have a great week!!!
PS my trunk show this month is at Mom & Me in Lebanon IL.