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Monday, November 29, 2004

I hadn't realized how long it had been since my last post til I checked my site. Where does the time go?
I had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. Family came in from West Virginia and we ate and visited and played cards and Scrabble and ate some more. I have enough stuffing left to last til next year! I really tried not to fix so much this time....but I did not succeed. We were very blessed again this year and try to be thankful everyday for our blessings and not just on the last Thursday of November.
Of course one of the biggest blessings I have are my friends new and old that have helped me make my dream of designing come true. I have "met" many of you on the internet through emails and instant messaging and it has been so wonderful for me. I hope to meet many of you in person. I am very lucky that I have so many supportive friends and family in my life. If I get discouraged or overwhelmed, I have a long list of buddies that I can call or email. I wish that for everyone.
Now as I get ready for the Nashville Market and beyond, I want to assure all of you that I am listening. If you ever have any ideas or suggestions please send them along. I am still new at this and have much to learn. And who better to learn it from than stitchers themselves!
If any of you live in the Syracuse NY area, I hope to see you in March as I will be teaching a class at the A Stitcher's Garden retreat. I am so excited to join Jan and all as I have heard that she puts on a fantastic retreat each year. You can contact Jan at jan@astitchersgarden.com for details.
I am also excited to have heard from so many regarding my retreat in April. I have several that have paid their deposit and many more have told me that they are checking their calendars and schedules so the retreat can be squeezed in! The plans are moving along and I have been on the hunt for some exciting goodies. Several designers are sending trunk shows and I will dig out treats in Nashville as well. So if you haven't already, check out the details for the retreat and email me if you have any questions.
Have fun with your holiday plans and remember to carve out some time for yourself!